Multipurpose Auditorium:

The School has a multi-purpose hall which is the main center of all important activities of the school from school assemblies to inter house competitions, workshops, exhibitions etc. It caters to the multi dimensional approach to learning.

Smart Classrooms:

Class rooms are equipped with smart interactive boards. Smart classes bring technology into the classroom. It brings an exhaustive repository of digital modules or lessons, (consisting of 2D and 3D animations, graphics, audio and video) on every subject in the K12 spectrum, which the teacher could easily access and project in the classroom that explains abstract and difficult concepts with liquid clarity and makes learning an enjoyable experience for students

Science laboratories:

The basic principle followed here is that science can only be experienced. Facilities and guidance, with individual attention, are provided to make science learning an enjoyable activity. These labs are units that integrate exploring & learning and provide for the joy of discovery. The school has three well equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. They conform to the C.B.S.E norms of stores and equipments. In addition to this the laboratories are equipped with charts, models, specimens, and aquarium and other Teaching Learning Material that make working in these labs a meaningful experience.

Home Science Lab:

Home science education provides for preparation for an efficient management of resources. The objective is acquisition of skills for attainment of well being of individual & families and preservation of social values. The laboratory consists of gadgets and equipments, which make learning of “home” skills a delight.

Mathematics Lab:

Mathematics is about thinking logically and rationally. We have a math lab which equips the young minds to apply the skills to analyses, calibrate, interpret and predict various situations. To develop the power of reasoning concrete examples from the immediate environment are provided to students to relate with academic demand of Maths. Material like dices, Beads, Pebbles, Models of various topics, Games, Puzzles, and charts make learning livelier, motivating and longer lasting.

Computer Science Lab:

Computer aided learning is the call of the time. To help student and teachers remain in close touch with technological advancement the school has 2 Computer labs, One for the Junior and one for the middle and Senior Section. Each is well equipped with latest configured Computer and Software. Training in computers is mandatory for all students from class Nursery to X and optional for class XI and XII as a subject.

Nursery to X and optional for class XI and XII as a subject.

The senior section has a fully Air Conditioned Computer Lab with sophisticated equipment. With Multipurpose utility in mind our computer center is equipped with Internet and an L.C.D. Projector, which makes it feasible to show V.C.D. and CD-ROM and educational program to support latest educational technology.

Geography Lab:

The school has a geography lab which helps students to understand different concepts of the subject in a better way. The lab is fully equipped with many equipments such as tracing table, wind vane, wet and dry bulbs, maximum and minimum thermometer that make teaching and learning an interesting experience. There is verity of maps and globes in the lab which are available in different sizes. The lab is quite spacious that enable students to enjoy working in groups.


There is a well-equipped computerized library which is updated every year. It has a collection of wide range of books, journals and encyclopedia/reference books etc. There are innumerable titles of the books to quench the curiosity of growing minds. The ambience and sitting provides for a prolific interface with various subjects and fields of knowledge.

Art & Craft Room:

Children imbibe creative skills more from an environment of creativity than from face to face teaching of art. Art room is the place where freedom of the mind and a motivating environment are provided. Students learn to experience and express their creativity. To facilitate formalizing of ideas and expressions, children are encouraged to participate in various art competitions. Primary focus is on sharpening their creative thinking/skills/abilities.

The Holy Quran Room:

Quran is a guide to humanity. This is of paramount importance for pupils not only to read or recite Quran but to understand and implement it in our lives as well as it helps them follow the Islam in its original spirit. So, along with Islamic studies Quran is also a subject for classes I – VIII. These classes are held throughout the week by three well qualified, competent Quran teachers having the knowledge of Arabic and English both.


A well-equipped two bedded infirmary caters to the student’s medical needs during school hours. A qualified lady doctor supported with relevant equipment is also available. Medical examination of students is conducted and their health record is maintained. The school also conducts primary health check-ups of all the students on regular basis.