Primary Wing

Primary Education is more fun filled than upper Primary, Secondary and Senior Secondary. The child goes through the formative years and discovers more of life now than at any other time in life.

The Primary wing is a separate premise with 20 classrooms to accommodate the 780 students from class I to class V. The classes are well equipped with interactive boards and all basic facilities . Apart from teaching the three languages – English, Hindi and Urdu, the teaching of the Holy Quran is also carried out by well qualified Quran teachers who not only teach the Quran in Arabic but also explain the meaning of the holy verses.

There are 3 staff rooms, an examination room, an auditorium, a medical room, a Judo room, a well stacked library, computer room, EVS laboratory , activity room. There is a Badminton Court and a terrace garden.

The activity room is designed to facilitate learning by doing. The teachers supervise more as facilitators than teachers .The activity room has seven corners , one for each subject – Maths, Science, English, Hindi and Urdu, Craft and games. Students are provided with models and pictures, specimen, audio visual facility, puzzles and activity based exercises to enjoy learning in an effective manner .

The EVS lab is well equipped with models, specimen and apparatus. Experiments are simple, safe, explorative and fun according to the age of students. The lab develops scientific temper , habit of enquiry and analysis and practical thinking in students.