Sports & Excursion

Playing sports teaches lessons of life, such as teamwork, accountability, self-confidence, responsibility, and self-discipline. Sports help prepare students to face the challenges of life. They enhance physical and mental abilities of students.

A number of competitions are held throughout the year at Zonal and State levels, wherein, our students not only participate but also have bring laurels to the school.

Excursions are a learning tool to enhance the curriculum by allowing students to better grasp and retain concepts. The purpose is to provide experiential learning opportunities, to promote engagement levels, build confidence, teamwork and create connection. Even the most informative educational trips have an element of recreation making them a time to unwind for the students.

One of the main benefits of school excursions is the interactive sessions during these trips. Such field trips allow students to freely interact with friends, teachers, and others. Educational trips to historical sites, national parks, museums, zoological parks and botanical gardens and hill stations are regularly organised by the school to allow students to experience new environments and enjoy a day away from the classroom.


Judo is an excellent activity for young kids because it builds healthy and strong muscles early on, and improves their overall health. It is a highly effective martial art that develops self-defence skills from both the standing and ground positions. Therefore, Rabea Girls Public School offers the students from nursery to fifth to learn Judo from a trained and certified JUDO coach. Our focus is to instil discipline, both physical and mental through the art of attack and defence. This helps in improving children’s focus, developing positive attitudes, and increasing self-esteem, self-discipline, self-respect, and courtesy toward others. Besides this, our students participate in various competitions and bring home glory.