Pre-Primary Level

The students of the Pre-Primary Section are closely observed, periodically assessed and graded on their physical and Motor Development, Motor-Coordination, Personal, Social, Language and Cognitive Development.

Primary Classes I & II

The students of classes I and II will be assessed on the basis of their performance throughout the year. Development of skills in languages, Mathematics, and Sciences is done through application oriented weekly assignment and work. There is no end of term exam up till class II.


As per the notification from CBSE, the system of grading for assessments and the ‘no detention policy’ up till class VIII have been done away with from session 2018-’19 onwards. Marks shall be awarded for tests and examinations (out of 100 marks) instead of grades. Minimum pass marks for every subject shall be 40. A student must have the passing marks in all subjects in order to get promoted to the next class.

Classes III -VIII

Classes IX -X

Classes XI-XII

  • 2 Periodic tests- 25 Marks  (WT.-10)

  • Note book Submission (5 marks)

  • Subject enrichment activities – 


  • Co-scholastic activities – 3 point grading scale (A-C)

  • Half Yearly/Annual Exam – 80 Marks

Total Marks -100

  • 3 Periodic tests – 25 Marks  (WT.- 10)

  • Note book Submission (5 marks)

  • Subject enrichment activities -

(5 marks)

  • Co-scholastic activities- 5 point grading scale (A-E)

  • Annual/Pre-board Exam – 80

Total Marks -100

  • 2 Unit Tests – 25 Marks 

(Class XI)

  • 2 Mock Tests -100 Marks

(Class XII)

  • Half Yearly Exam- 

100 Marks

  • Annual /Pre-board Exam -

100 Marks